Why HGH?

Weight Loss Efforts

While research is still being carried out, patients have found that HGH supplement combined with daily exercise and a healthy diet has accelerated their weight-loss efforts. According to a study that was conducted in 2001, researchers found that HGH may help reduce body weight gain, increase fat oxidation, and stimulate lipolysis.(1)

Should you consult a physician before taking HGH supplements?

HGH supplement is a dietary enhancement that may help replenish growth hormones, assist with weight-loss efforts, promote muscle build, slow the ageing process, and boost libido. However, it is recommended to consult your physician before you begin using any supplement.

(1)Heffernan MA, Thorburn AW, Fam B, Summers R, Conway-Campbell B, Waters MJ, Ng FM. Increase of fat oxidation and weight loss in obese mice caused by chronic treatment with human growth hormone or a modified C-terminal fragment. PubMed.gov. 25 October 2001.